• About ZAPME

    World leading vehicle charging technology by ZPN energy


    ZAPME is part of one of the UK's fastest-growing roadside and fleet charging system providers ZPN Energy. ZPN also develop and deploy Rapid and Ultra Rapid electric vehicle chargers, microgrid technology and home energy storage systems for developers and social housing.


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    There are many providers of energy storage, however, ZPN and ZAPME pioneered this electric vehicle charging technology back in 2017. ZAPME technology, ZPN chargers and ZAPME have been deployed at Heathrow Airport here in the UK since 2017 more recently supporting a number of roadside rapid and ultra-rapid charging sites. The ZAPME units are increasingly used by a range of EV recovery and on demand charging organisations across the world, bringing the charger to you with on demand ev mobile charging. We own several patents and can provide an end to end operation for any business. ZPN are the only company who are able to combine solar, wind, charging and energy storage to maximise your revenue and minimise your energy costs.


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  • Simple, Effective Innovation

    A versatile mobile EV recovery and on demand charging solution

    ZAPME 50KWH charging unit battery pack


    High Energy Storage, using latest battery management for both thermal and high speed roadside EV charging.


    10-300kWh C1 -C4 rapid roadside DC charging.

    ZAPME fits any vehicle


    Vehicle Mounted option for cars, vans and recovery trucks. We have a solution for all platforms.


    Units can be hot swapped to maximise utilisation and reduce downtime.

    ZAPME compatible with every charge head inc CCS and Chademo


    Rapid DC Charging, Tethered and untethered CCS Type 2 as standard optional Chademo.



    Ultra Rapid re-energising of the ZAPME units.

    ZAPME Network on demand EV charging


    Access EV recovery jobs across your local area with the ZAPME network, free for the first 12 months.


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    ZAPME Global Support


    5 year battery warranty UK based 24/7 support, Optional 24hour replacement unit with ZAPME Service Plan.


    Global support available.