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    ZAPME 50KWH mobile EV charging unit in Audi ETron

    ZAPME come vehicle mounted

    Car, van, truck or forklift.

    ZAPME is compatible with and designed for all major Asian, European and US, cars vans and trucks plus some alternative platforms.


    Our ZAPME units can be hot swapped to maximise uptime, just drive in and swap the box for a freshly charged unit. DC fast charging on demand, bringing the charger to you when their vehicle has run out of charge. Nowhere near a charge point or need your vehicle recharged at quicker speeds call Dragon Energy today!

    ZAPME 300KWH mobile EV charging station

    Multiple capacities

    Has your electric vehicle run out of charge? Not to worry, ZAPME has multiple capacities from 10, 50, 150 and up to 300kWh heavy-duty capacities. Standard rate mobile EV charging at from 50kW.


    ZAPME 50KWH charging unit recharged in one hour

    Compatible with all roadside chargers

    Re-energise anywhere!

    We can Re-energise the charge truck unit at a Rapid EV charger from any major charge network with any Type 2 CCS connection. Rapid mobile DC charging means Dragon Energy's ZAPME is fully charged with 50kWh of charge and ready to go again in under an hour. Optional 63amp AC is available.