• EV Roadside Recovery and

    On Demand EV Charging,

    Now Available across Wales.

    Welcome to Dragon Energy - Wales' simplest and most portable solution to electric vehicle or EV recovery and on-demand local electric charging. Dragon Energy use ZAPME technology, the world leader in Energy as a Service (EAAS).

    We offer a range of charging options and subscriptions across Wales.


  • Watch a ZAPME EV recovery

    Here is a demonstration of how we at Dragon Energy recover electric vehicles.

  • ZAPME 50KWH mobile EV charging unit

    Electric Vehicle dead? We'll recover you

    ZAPME was the world's first mobile EV recovery unit designed to rapid charge immovable EVs that have run out of charge at the roadside. Always recharge at rapid speeds (>50KW)with as little or as much charge as is needed to recover either to a recovery vehicle or local EV Charging Energy Station. Its now available in Wales from Dragon Energy.

    ZAP On Demand

    Do you live in a flat, or have you arrived at a destination with no charge and no access to a charger?

    ZAPME Network can deliver an on demand full charge at the roadside on-demand from just £39.99 and in less than an hour.


    Fleet operator? Reduce downtime and remove annoying yard blockages without the need to have the car, van or truck recovered.

    Dragon energy coverage


    The ZAPME Network is rolling out in the UK and Europe at present. We are accepting expressions of interest in other countries from established recovery network operators and start-up EV on-demand charging operators,

    Dead EV recovery

    EV Recoveries

    Do you need recovery? We offer recovery 24/7 from £195 . We understand range anxiety and and we can get you going to to the next charge point or fill you with 50kW of green energy at the roadside.